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Raising awareness of your business is crucial to any marketing campaign. But standing out from your competitors using traditional marketing strategies can be expensive.

Vehicle wrapping is a cost-effective way of creating a moving advert that generates leads for your business all day, every day.

At CJ Signs we transform the appearance of your car, van, lorry, bus or trailer with stunning vinyl wrapping. We create unique designs using high-resolution images and graphics that strengthen your brand and shout about what you have to offer.

Whether you want a full wrap a partial wrap , or a colour change wrap, CJ Signs make your vehicle work harder for your business.

High-Quality Vinyl

We use several different vinyls because every vehicle is different. Depending on the design of your wrap and the shape of your vehicle, we use the right vinyl with the right properties so you get a higher quality finish that lasts longer.

3 Step Process

Each vehicle is prepared using cleaning fluids specifically suited to each vinyl, before carefully applying the vinyl at a specific temperature to allow the adhesives to work effectively. They are then post-heated in a controlled environment to allow the vinyl to mould to the shape of the vehicle and lose its `memory`.

Easy to remove

Quality of materials and expert application means our vinyls are easy to remove and leave your vehicle’s paintwork in perfect condition. So if you are beginning a new marketing campaign or simply returning your leased vehicle, you can relax knowing our vinyls will not reduce it’s value.

3 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our vinyl wraps for 3 year, so you can be confident that the money you have invested works harder for longer.

Added Protection

It acts as a second skin and protects your vehicle’s paintwork from corrosion, scuffs and chips. Any damaged sections can easily be replaced so your vehicle holds its value for longer.


  • What are the benefits of vehicle wrap?

    As well as providing a mobile advertisement, a vehicle wrap will protect your vehicles paintwork form minor stone chips and abrasions. A vehicle wrap can be easily removed when you sell your vehicle or want to change your branding.
  • How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

    Every wrap is different. The cost depends on size and complexity. As an example a full wrap on an average size van starts from £1000 + vat
  • How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?

    Again, every job is different. To wrap an average size van correctly would take 2 days.
  • Can I jet wash my wrapped vehicle?

    No. Powerful, heated jet washes could lift the vinyl, especially at the edges. This will void any warranty. We recommend hand wash with sponge or soft brush and hose pipe only.
  • Will wrap vinyl damage my paintwork?

    If the paintwork is sound, then no damage will occur when film is removed. However, if there is any loose paintwork caused by chips, rust or poor resprays, then removal of vinyl may pull paintwork with it.
  • Do I need to inform anyone about my vehicle wrap?

    If your vehicle has undergone a complete colour change you are legally required to inform the DVLA. It is also advisable to inform your insurance company.

Here's a video showing us wrapping a Thunderball Rally Car

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