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BODYFENCE Paint Protection Film

We are delighted to be offering a new generation car body protection film. The new BODYFENCE range has been developed by HEXIS R&D based on cutting-edge technology.

Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle against scratches, stone chips, abrasion and UV rays. 

In addition, the film facilitates cleaning by preventing dirt from adhering to the paint. It will keep your vehicle……Forever Young!
Paint Protection Film

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Or visit our unit and we can demonstrate to you the paint protection film on a vehicle.
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Approved BODYFENCE Installers

We are proud to be BODYFENCE and HEXIS Certified Installers. Our comprehensive training ensures the best possible finish for your vehicle. We also have access to the latest advances in product technology.

10 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind that your vehicle will be protected for years to come. The warranty can only be issued when the product has been installed by a Certified Installer. This warranty covers yellowing and cracking of the product.

Paint Protection Film Benefits

Self Healing

Should your paint become scratched, the BODYFENCE paint protective film will regenerate with the help of heat from the sun or hot water.

Scratches appear on the car body when using automatic mechanical car wash brushes, when rubbing against bushes on road sides, during everyday use or due to an act of vandalism.

All these scratches will disappear from the surface of the protective BODYFENCE film thanks to the heat of the sun or just rinsing with hot water. Your original paint is preserved … Forever Young!

Chipping Resistant

There are a million causes of paint damage from stones and gravel to road debris.

Resist the impact from these every day road hazards with paint protection film.

Self Cleaning

The BODYFENCE paint protective film contains an anti-adhesion component. Thus, dust and dirt will adhere much less to the car body.

Cleaning will be less frequent and significantly easier.

Ultra Transparent

The BODYFENCE protective film is a highly transparent film developed to protect the vehicle without altering its appearance.

This film is available in both gloss and matt finish. HEXIS BODYFENCE film in matt version will make any paint or gloss film matt.

Ready to start protecting your vehicle? Call 0114 247 1501

Or visit our unit and we can demonstrate to you the paint protection film on a vehicle.
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Paint Protection Film Gallery

PPF Self Healing Case Study

We wrapped the full front end (front bumper, bonnet & wings) in Paint Protection Film of the Tesla shown on the images below. Not long after it was completed, the car was parked in a car park. Someone had left their hand brake off their car, which then rolled into the front end of the car.

The customer brought the Tesla back so we could remove the film as he had booked it in to have the bumper re-sprayed.

BUT the Paint Protection Film had done it's job and completely protected the paintwork meaning no re-spray was needed. We just re-wrapped the front bumper in PPF film, saving the customer the costly expense of having the bumper fully re-sprayed.


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